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The Owner


I am so happy to open my brand new Bella Facial Bar in SCV.  I have been a resident of Valencia for 8 years and I love everything about our City.

I've been a practicing Aesthetician for 23 years.  My expertise is Anti-Aging.  I love love love making people Look & FEEL better with healthy and Youthful-Looking skin!  I only perform treatments that have a proven record to work at creating instant, visual, youthful-looking results.  I am extremely result-oriented. 

If  you have been wanting affordable high-quality skincare treatments, in a beautiful peaceful environment, then Bella Facial Bar is perfect for you.

My expertise is Anti-Aging treatments and products.  If given the opportunity, I will create Beautiful, Youthful-Looking, Tight & Toned, Wrinkle-Free, No Sun Damage, and Smooth & Glowing skin for You.

With new and advance RF technology, I am able to repair & eliminate  jowls, loose necks, and double-chins.   Additionally, fat on your tummy & waist can be melted and removed.  This will leave you with a flattering & tighter tummy.  

I promise you, I will greatly improve your skin condition and do so, relatively quick.  During your initial consultation & skin analysis, I will be able to tell you if and how, I can help you.  If it is determined that your skin condition is beyond the scope of my expertise, I will let you know.  You will receive a full refund and I will try to refer you to another professional who may be able to help you.

I'm a Christian mother and grandmother to five beautiful Darlings.  Being  professional, ethical, and honest are my core-values. 

I am looking forward to providing you with excellent skincare services and products.  So please, schedule your appointment soon to receive your 1st Fabulous Facial Treatment!

I'm looking forward to meeting you,